Thursday, October 10, 2013

Once more...

So, NaNoWriMo is coming up. I have tried three or four times, but have never succeeded in getting to 50,000 words. I think my personal best is around 14,000. Additionally, I have never managed to carry on and finish any of the projects I started for NaNo.

So, why the hell am I considering giving it yet another try this year?

I have to face reality, the cards are stacked against me. I just started a new class this week, so that means that November will be hectic with Academia. My family is too big for our townhouse, so there is almost nowhere I can go to just write. I recently started my WoW account up again. I have a short attention span and am very impressionable.

Honestly, I think that last one is my biggest downfall. No matter how excited I am about a specific project, no matter how detailed I get with the preparation, somewhere within the first two weeks something will catch my eye, and my brain is suddenly off and running away with my creative momentum.

But, regardless of all of that, I will probably still give it a shot. Now, I just need to settle on a project. I have several outlines and ideas written out, so I will probably start there when I get home.

I think I also need to back away from the RPG stuff. I am writing several game-related projects, but am only playing in one. And that one isn’t nearly as regular as I’d like. In short, I feel like I’m just spinning wheels. My latest self-pub has been out for a few days, and not a single nibble. Of course, that one desperately needs a new cover, which I will probably fix soon. But, after that, I’ll probably step away from the games, and back towards fiction.


Keith West said...

Wait, you had something new out? What was it?

Tom Doolan said...

Heh. I guess I wasn't too clear. It was an RPG supplement for my Life of Rage - OSR Edition. It details an orcish martial art, and presents a new class for old school D&D games.

Tim Shorts said...

I'm in for NaNo this year. I did it a while back. Good luck with it this year.

Charles Gramlich said...

Probably will never do NaNo unless i Have a school semester off sometime. Just don't have the time.